The Alternative School Movement: 1960-1970

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As years past, public education in the U.S. attempted to establish a leadership role in establishing an educational system that could compete globally. Much of the debate surrounded the development of the common school system revolved around “the degree of standardization desirable in American institutional forms, behavior, and cultural values” (Tyack, 1987, p. 25). This movement grew as other immigrants from other nations entered America to fulfill their dreams. With the boom of the industrial revolution, many educational systems reflected practices that focused on repetition, rote memorization, and recitation that was aimed at promoting production, economic stability, financial prominence, and social dominance in the U.S. economic world market.…show more content…
Cuban (1989) acknowledges that the alternative school movement of the 1960-1970’s took place within the context of a larger social reform era, but never establishes the role or function such a context plays in affecting the fate of most alternative education schools of that
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