The Alternatives Of Makeup Testing On Animals

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Makeup testing on animals is when animals are utilized to test the safety and hypoallergenic reaction of the products. In the United States animal testing is legal but regulated by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Animal Health Inspection Services (AHIS). Regulations include the handle and care of the animal among all stages of life, and not being able to use pets such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. for testing purposes. When makeup is tested on animals they are harmed. Animals with harm include: inflamed skin, dry skin, bleeding, swollen eye, blindness, and sometimes death. When a product does not go as planned, or the products is not okay to use, it is usually told by the reaction of the animal being tested. Animals that are usually used for makeup are smaller animals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits. The reason scientist uses animals to test makeup products, is because their skin and hair are so similar to humans. According to the Humane society international, “…100,000-200,000 suffer and die every year due to cosmetic testing.” (Zuazua). There are alternatives for testing makeup on animals. Some alternatives include methods that use human blood, cell lines, and artificial skin. Society is beginning to become eco-friendlier which is turning people’s outlook on using products that test on animals or not. Cosmetic testing is harmful due to the chemical reaction of a certain product. When animals are tested for cosmetic purposes they
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