The Alternatives to Coronary Bypass Surgery

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What are the alternatives to Coronary By-Pass Surgery Introduction "In 2006, more than 690,000 open heart surgeries were performed in the United States. These included surgeries to correct and repair defective valves as well as coronary artery bypass surgery. As recently as 70 years ago, these surgeries would have been impossible. The heart lung machine had yet to be invented, allowing surgeons to temporarily stop and start the heart. Prior to its invention, the longest a heart could be stopped was 30 to 40 minutes---not enough time to complete extensive surgery" (Smith, 2009). Since then, a number of minimally invasive surgical procedures have been introduced that permit surgeons to perform a variety of surgeries, making smaller incisions that leave smaller scars, reduce the chance of infection, are less painful to the patient and necessitate shorter hospital stays. These include minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass, off-pump coronary artery bypass, videoscopic surgery and robotic-assisted heart surgery. In minimally invasive heart surgery, cardiac surgeons perform heart surgery by way of small incisions in the right side of the chest, as a substitute to open heart surgery. Surgeons operate between the ribs and don't split the breastbone, which consequences in less pain and a faster recovery for most people. In minimally invasive surgery, the heart surgeon has a better view of some parts of the heart than in open heart surgery. As in open surgery,
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