The Altria Group

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The Altria Group, Inc. Often referred to as “the house the Marlboro Man built”, The Altria Group, Inc. is the world’s largest tobacco company. Altria operates its cigarette business through the companies known as Phillip Morris USA and Philip Morris International, both of which sell Marlboro – the world’s largest selling cigarette brand since 1972 (“The Altria Group,” n.d.). This company controls about half of the US tobacco market. This is also the parent company of Kraft Foods. I chose to do a paper on this particular company because of the practices of lies and deceit that it has followed for many years. Some of the behaviors that I find socially and ethically irresponsible are that the company continually down plays the…show more content…
In 2009, a three judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals supported an earlier decision from a lower court ruling that the cigarette maker had lied to the public in a 50 year conspiracy to defraud the consumer about the health risks of smoking. The court also ordered that the company must publish a corrective statement on the adverse health effects and the addictiveness of smoking and nicotine. They were also order to stop using misleading labels like “low tar”’ “light”, and “mild” since these products are now known to be no safer and less harmful than regular cigarettes and are quite possibly more harmful (“United States vs. Philip Morris,” n.d.). The tobacco company knows that people wouldn’t buy their products if they told the truth, so they spend more than $13.3 billion dollars a year on deceptive advertising and marketing. This advertising is often targeted specifically to children and young adults. The tobacco industry addicts more than 1000 youth every day. One in three of these children will die prematurely because of tobacco use. As a 1981 Philip Morris marketing report noted, “Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential customer” (The FDA Moves to Crack Down,” 2012). Not only does Philip Morris target children to become addicted to this product, they also employ children in countries where there are no labor laws.
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