The Amazing Catch Essay

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Amanda Dennis Laura Toomb Interpersonal Communication September 6, 2014 The Amazing Catch I am writing this paper on the video clip of the amazing catch made by the ball girl. This paper is going to be my perception of the video as I go through the three stages of perception. I will also be explaining my thoughts throughout the three stages of perception while watching the video. In addition, I will in the end be deciding whether or not I believe the video to be true or fake. Selection. Selection is defined in the book as the following “The process of attending to a stimulus.” (Floyd, pg. 109) I have watched this video over and over before writing this paper, but the first time I watched it nothing really stood out to me besides…show more content…
Those four schemas are physical constructs, role constructs, interaction constructs, and psychological constructs. I however didn’t really use all four of those constructs when watching the amazing catch. I used three of the four schema, the physical, role and interaction constructs were the ones I used while classifying the information I perceived. When it comes to the physical constructs, it emphasizes people’s physical attributes. I noticed the girl wasn’t very tall, she was probably mid twenties, and that she had a slim body shape, which are all factors that make the catch hard to believe. The role constructs emphasize people’s social or professional position. I noticed at the end of the video was that she was a ball girl, and most ball girl or boys don’t ever go for a ball if it is in play or could potentially stay in play which I thought was a tad bit odd. The last construct that I used is the interaction construct. The interaction construct emphasizes people’s behaviors and I noticed that the girl kept her head down until she was in the chair with the camera on her. I find that weird because if you had just made a catch as amazing as that in a major league baseball game the last thing you would be doing is calmly jogging back to your seat. You would be showing off and admiring all of the cheers you were getting from the crowd. Stage one also aided in completing stage two because without being able to select the different
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