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In 1863 Colombia was given its name. The name was chosen in honor of Christopher Columbus, even though Columbus never visited Colombia. Alonso de Ojeda, was the first European to set foot on Colombia in 1499, Alonso de Ojeda explored Sierra Navada de Santa Marie and was very surprised by the wealth of the Indians and their stories. These stories gave birth to the legend of El Dorado. Colombia became a target to all Spaniards because of the assumed riches there. Everyone went to Colombia and a few small settlements were built. In 1525 Rodrigo de Bastidas put down the first stones of, Santa Maria, which is now the earliest surviving town. The obsession with El Dorado drove many people to go to Colombia. They found no riches or gold but …show more content…
Three-fourths of Colombia is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the same size as France, Spain, and Portugal combined. Colombia claims two islands San Andres and Providence. Colombia is located in the northern corner of South Canal. It is bordered by Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. The Eastern half of Colombia is low jungle area. The Southern pacific is covered in marshy lowlands. Some of the Andes Mountains run into Colombia. The southern sector of Colombia runs through the Equator. Colombia’s Amazon Region is located in the Southern Hemisphere. The Colombian government is a republic. It has a long democratic tradition. It is separated into 32 departments. It has one capitol district, Fe de Bogota. The president is the head. He is elected for a four-year term by a national vote. The current president is Juan Manuel Santos. Congress contains the Senate and The House of Representatives. You have to be at least eighteen to be able to vote. Colombia is the leading exporter of petroleum, coffee, coal, apparel, bananas, and cut flowers. It is rich in minerals and energy. It is the lead producer of emeralds and is the second largest producer of platinum and gold in South America. Colombia is also the World’s largest producer of cocaine. Colombia produced many emeralds. They believed that the gemstones contained special powers such as healing, making one smarter, revealing the truth, and the power to block spells. Colombia is

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