The Amazing Countryside Of Napa Valley

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Coming over the top of the Vaca Range shielding the east, the amazing countryside of Napa Valley reveals itself with the Mayacamas Mountains protecting in the south. Surrounded by mountains on each side, this beautiful sight is breathtaking. As the sun beats down, families come to picnic on the perfectly green grounds. They see the barns and cottages where people live and work as hot air balloons and fluffy white clouds protect the magical valley. Everything is at peace. The endless rows of green vines that will soon be harvested to create what Napa Valley is famous for, wine. The hardworking men and women spending days in the sun roaming through the vineyards, searching for the impeccable grapes to harvest. Constantly grooming the vines …show more content…
The vine knew it was finally happening.
Beginning to peak through the tip of the vine, there it was, a new grape was ready to bloom. Then, the grape came. The vine was so proud of its little fruit, so small yet perfect. The little grape was so happy to finally pop out of the vine. It sat there all day watching the hard working people in the vineyard and watching other grapes be picked, then the grape realized it wanted to be picked so badly. The little grape began to grow, getting rounder and a deeper purple. As the grape got bigger, other grapes began to grow all around. The grape watched the vineyard workers begin to pick other grapes off the vine; every time it was not picked, it was disappointed. Other grapes had not been there as long as the other grape, why was it still there waiting? All the grape wanted, was to be picked. As days went by, the grape’s dreams seemed like they were never going to come true. A swarm of birds came through and ate so many grapes. All the grapes around had been eaten, except one. It was grape that was first to grow on the vine. This was fate, the grape knew it would be noticed by the workers now. The grape would finally be picked. And the next day, a man walked through the row confused about where all the grapes went. Then, he noticed one. The grape watched this man walk up in his muddy brown boots, his ripped jeans, and his stained white t-shirt. The
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