The Amazing Countryside Of Napa Valley

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Coming over the top of the Vaca Range shielding the east, the amazing countryside of Napa Valley reveals itself with the Mayacamas Mountains protecting in the south. Surrounded by mountains on each side, this beautiful sight is breathtaking. As the sun beats down, families come to picnic on the perfectly green grounds. They see the barns and cottages where people live and work as hot air balloons and fluffy white clouds protect the magical valley. Everything is at peace. The endless rows of green vines that will soon be harvested to create what Napa Valley is famous for, wine. The hardworking men and women spending days in the sun roaming through the vineyards, searching for the impeccable grapes to harvest. Constantly grooming the vines and making sure they will create perfection in a bottle. The perfect bottle that resembles everything California embodies.
Near the Mayacamas Mountains, a single seed was delicately placed into the soil in hope of sprouting and producing an amazing glass of red wine. Within the volcanic heavy soil, the seed felt the coldness of being underneath the ground. The seed dreamed of escaping the confinements of the soil, and breathing California air for the first time. After a month of trying to reach the top of the soil, the seed finally emerged; one of his many dreams had come true, there was now a stem who could be a part of California. The stem smelled the fresh air and the countryside all around, everything from the sandy shores to snowy…
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