The Amazing Sessna throught the Years

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The Cessna 180 is a light general aviation aircraft, first ever flown in the late 1952, produce between 1953 to 1981, Even though the model is no longer in production nowadays, many of these aircraft are still in use as personal aircraft and in utility roles.
Cessna introduced the heavier and the greater power performer; the 180 as a updated version to the Cessna 170. The 180 is an outstanding prime bush plane, it has an unretractable conventional and adjustable-incidence tricycle tail wheel undercarriage, can be replacing by the float and skis, normally fitted with 4 seats, additionally 2 extra seats can be added (According to the series).
Geraldine Mock is the first woman who achieved the solo flight around the world back in 1964, the trip started on 19/03/1965 from Columbus, Ohio, United State. The flight spent 29 days to travel more than 22000 miles, the chosen aircraft that she flew with is the brilliant Cessna 180, and she named it as the “Spirit of Columbus” (Charlie). The flight is conducted with a refit fuel tank to improve the endurance and range, the installation of two extra fuel tanks in place of passenger seats that added 180 gallons of extra fuel onboard, boosting the little Cessna’s range to 3,500 miles. When it carried full fuel, the Cessna weighed nearly 900 pounds out of the envelope; however, the FAA allowed with a ferry permission, Geraldine was also a first female student of aeronautical engineering from Ohio State University. After few years of

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