The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Genre of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is action, adventure, and fantasy. The film was set in New York City during 2010s. A brief storyline of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is that, the main protagonist Peter Parker discovers that his most critical battle is ready to begin. It is wonderful to be Spider-Man, but for Peter Parker especially, there is no feeling like swinging between towers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen Stacey who is a girlfriend and a helper of Peter. However, being Spider-Man has disadvantages: only Spider-Man could protect the New York citizens from the terrible enemies that threaten the New York City. With the appearance of Electro named Max Dillon, who is a main antagonist against Peter, Peter should…show more content…
The director maximized the audiences’ feelings by using a slow motion skill while she was falling down to the floor and looking up the Spider-man, with her miserable eyes. At a moment of his web caught her body, her body dropped down on the ground and died. Finally, the Spider-man defeated the enemies and then coming down to the ground to check whether she was alive or not. At this moment, I thought that the director and editor intentionally deleted all background music to make audiences only hear his narrative telling to her. I only could hear him sobbing loudly and he was upset and expressing his deep grief due to the tragic circumstance. Personally, I did not cry with her death, but I realized something about hero’s tragedy that the hero could not keep his love forever. Through her death, she might be a symbol to the Spider-man that just because he saved people, it did not mean that he is a savior of all people, including Gwen. In that perspective, Peter Parker is the protagonist and eventually Gwen's death was about how it affected our hero, but inside of that, they were able to produce the characters with real activity. Peter returned to home depressed and empty. He threw away his Spider-man uniform and mask for a long time. He talked with his aunt about how to move on from death and he visited Gwen’s grave almost obsessively when every season passes. I found the part where she falls was countless and it had a higher quality than the rest of the movie
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