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“The Amazing Spider-man” is the story of a young boy, Peter Parker. A common household spider that had been exposed to an enormous amount of radiation bites Peter. Hours later Peter gains extraordinary arachnid abilities. He uses these abilities to protect the people of New York City. To hide his true identity, Peter wears a mask. He is known as the vigilante Spider-man or ‘the friendly neighborhood webslinger’1. Many adaptations of Spider-man have been created over the years. This report will contrast the variations in the original 1962 “Amazing Fantasy” #15 comic of Spider-man and the 2002 film adaptation. 1962 “Amazing Fantasy” Spider-man Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the “Amazing Fantasy” issue #15 comic is the original…show more content…
2002 “Spider-man” Film Sam Raimi, the director of the 2002 “Spider-man” film, substitutes a genetically modified spider in the place of the original radioactive spider. A major break through in genetic engineering was in 1996 when the first animal was cloned. This was a sheep by the name of Dolly. This event is similar to the genetically modified spiders created in the 2002 “Spider-man” film. The New York Times states, “In 1962, the year of the Cuban missile crisis, the spider was radioactive. Now, to reflect more contemporary technological anxieties, it is genetically altered super species.” Director Raimi stated during an interview that a correlation to the Superman II film could be seen. This similarity was Spider-mans choice to give up his responsibilities as a hero in New York City (Figure 1). Costume To hide Peter’s true identity he designs and makes a Lycra and spandex ‘spider’ suit. In the comic the suit is red and black with blue highlights. A spider symbol is seen on the chest and back of the suit. The spider is red on the back (Figure 2) and on the chest it is black (Figure 3). The spider’s body is rounded and the legs are short. Under both arms there is webbing and the web pattern is continued on the red sections of the suit. Spiderman in the 2002 film is seen in a similar suit. However this suit is red and blue

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