The Amazing Story of the Kind Uncle Tom

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In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Uncle Tom is the character that stands out the most. When Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this book, it was good that she added Tom in because he is a good role model for people, especially in 1852 when the slavery was a problem. He was the main problem or solution throughout the whole book, and he had a wonderful personality. He never used violence as a solution, and he was the most selfless person there is. Uncle Tom was very religious and never was a sinner, and he would go out of his way to get people to believe in God, so his fellow slaves would have a “light” in their life. After Tom died, he had convinced George Shelby to free all of his slaves. Uncle Tom is the most caring person in the book. Throughout it, he would always put his needs last and think about everybody else. He would rather get himself in trouble trying to help someone, than watch someone else get in trouble because they didn’t complete their task. For example, when he found out that he was being sold to Haley, a slave trader, instead of running away to be free, he instead went with him so everybody on the Shelby plantation wouldn’t be sold. He also gave some of his cotton to a sick lady when she did not have enough to pass inspection, so he would get in trouble and not her; because he could take the pain better than she could. Tom is also a non-violent person, like he will not physically hurt anybody. He would rather be beaten to death than beat someone else because it’s considered
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