The Amazing Success of the Movie, Titanic

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Two Decades Later and Still a Success On April 15, 1912, five days after embarking on its maiden voyage from England to New York, the unsinkable RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and went down, leaving more than 1,500 passengers dead (Rosenberg). This tragedy serves as the basis of one of the most well known stories in history. Even seventeen years after its first release in 1997, Titanic continues to remain one of the most beloved films of all time. Under the leadership of writer-director James Cameron, Titanic remained #1 at the U.S. box office for fifteen consecutive weeks and has received worldwide success grossing over $1.8 billion dollars (“Titanic”). In crafting his 1997 blockbuster masterpiece, Cameron could have followed a strictly historical approach; however, with a few liberties taken, Titanic recreates the events of 1912 by combining romantic fiction and real-life tragedy with stunning ability into a three-hour long film. The popular success of James Cameron’s Titanic is largely due to its ability to engage the audience with its captivating story and attention to detail. In the film Titanic, James Cameron masterfully combines three stories: the historical story of the sinking; the fictional love story of two young teenagers; and the modern story of the current RMS Titanic. The film begins with 101-year-old survivor Rose who, through flashbacks to 1912, is introduced as a beautiful high-society teen engaged to marry the wealthy Cal Hockley (“Titanic”). Rose’s

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