The Amazing Surfer Cecilia Rose

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“It was a stormy day in Perth, Australia. The amazing surfer Cecilia Rose was going for her 5 straight surfing championship! However, the highly favored, former forensic scientist and dj, Brother Juniper ended that streak with a huge win tonight. After the match the reporter asked Cecilia, well how does it feel to lose to Brother Juniper. “I have done a lot of great things in my lifetime. I won’t let one match keep me down. I will not let it keep me down, I will come back next year stronger but until then I am happy for Brother and I wish him the best.” There you have it folks it is nothing like seeing true character and spirit. Thanks for tuning in to channel 3 news.” I wish I could have as much money as Cecilia did said Katherine. Well if you keep working hard then maybe you will be there said Mary her mother. Mary is a single parent of five children. Their dad left two days after he had his last kid. He never really liked kids and when he had his third kid he could not take it any more Their mom would always say her a a fiesty, yet kindhearted and spirited He just had his moments every now and then. Katherine is the oldest, she is 27. She just dropped out of Tennessee state university. Her mom is sick and the doctor’s say she does not have to much longer to live. She realizes that she has to eventually take the role of her mom. However having dropped out of college she does not know how. “ What am I going to do. Your sick, dad left, and I am the only one left to take

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