The Amazing Thing Is It Really?

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THE MARVELLOUS THING IS THAT IT’S painless," he said. "That 's how you know when it starts." "Is it really?" "Absolutely. I 'm awfully sorry about the odor though. That must bother you." "Don 't! Please don 't." "Look at them," he said. "Now is it sight or is it scent that brings them like that?" The cot the man lay on was in the wide shade of a mimosa tree and as he looked out past the shade onto the glare of the plain there were three of the big birds squatted obscenely, while in the sky a dozen more sailed, making quick-moving shadows as they passed. "They 've been there since the day the truck broke down," he said. "Today 's the first time any have lit on the ground. I watched the way they sailed very carefully at first in case I ever wanted to use them in a story. That 's funny now.""I wish you wouldn 't," she said. "I 'm only talking," he said. "It 's much easier if I talk. But I don 't want to bother you." "You know it doesn 't bother me," she said. "It 's that I 've gotten so very nervous not being able to do anything. I think we might make it as easy as we can until the plane comes." "Or until the plane doesn 't come." "Please tell me what I can do. There must be something I can do. "You can take the leg off and that might stop it, though I doubt it. Or you can shoot me. You 're a good shot now. I taught you to shoot, didn 't I?" "Please don 't talk that way. Couldn 't I read to you?" "Read what?" "Anything in the book that we haven 't read." "I can
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