The Amazon Is Oil Rich And The Extraction

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An increased demand for oil has led oil associations to become desperate in finding new oil manufacturers. Unfortunately, the Amazon is oil rich and the extraction has created a lot of implications for the environment and culture existing in the Amazon. The Amazon is home to many natural resources due to its vegetation that continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen. Some of the world 's most promising oil and gas deposits lie deep in the tropical rainforests, especially in the Western Amazon. Just until recently there has been more promise in Middle Eastern countries. With oil at historically high prices, the incentive to develop oil resources has never been greater. The main concerns of the oil extraction in the Amazon are deforestation, indigenous conflict, biodiversity loss and pollution. In order to extract oil there must be a course to enter deep into forest, and there needs to be sufficient space for the oil rigs to be operated and therefore much of the rainforest is being deforested. Many local communities are displaced and harmed by the operation of the oil rig and the pollution. Surrounding areas lose natural resources that would have been obtained from the forest’s natural abundance. This is caused by deforestation, pollution and other environmental consequences. Oil extraction also threatens many key stone species in the Amazon. Due to oil spills and other toxic waste, much of the soil and river is polluted. Air pollution can potentially create spontaneous
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