The Ambience Of Shopping Malls

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The results of the study reveal that the assortment of stores, sales promotions, ambience of shopping malls, and comparative economic gains in the malls gather the attention of higher customer traffic to the malls. The urban shoppers visit shopping malls as a leisure center to relax, tend to shop in response to various promotions and spend long hours. The major factors that affect shopping stimulation among urban shoppers are store ambience and attractiveness relating to products and services, location of the mall, brand value and price and recreational facilities.
Lee et al. (2009)35, in their study entitled “Shopping value in online auctions: their antecedents and outcomes” have revealed that it is very rare in the marketing literature concerning the research on store aspects as potential antecedent among the hedonic and utilitarian shopping value. The association between utilitarian and hedonic values with the attitude of store trait has been analyzed. The research was performed in a provincial shopping mall in Midwest of US to determine the satisfaction of respondents using eighteen shopping malls qualities. Complete items in the malls are reviewed in order to estimate the attribute of malls in general. The results reveal the existence of positive association among shopping
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(2007)42, in their study entitled “Modeling Service Encounters And Customer Experiential Value in Retailing: An Empirical Investigation of Shopping Mall Customers in Taiwan” have explored the influence on customer behavioral intentions and subsequently service encounters on customer experiential value in shopping mall context in Taiwan. Structural equation modeling results exposed that personal interface encounters positively influenced perceptions of excellence and efficiency value; physical environment encounters positively affected perceptions of aesthetics and playfulness; and all dimensions of customer experience value constructively affected customer behavioral
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