The Ambiguity Of Love And Passion . The Concept Of Love

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The Ambiguity of Love and Passion The concept of love and passion can be considered an abstract emotion which may be immeasurable within a relationship. Although, one is hopeful to feel love and passion in most modern day marriages, however, Kate Chopin demonstrates in her short story " The Storm” there is a possibility to married and yet be lacking in one of the most important aspects of a marriage such as passion. However, is the emotion for love in order to maintain a family together substantial enough to continue a marriage without passion and most importantly is there a difference between love and passion. The author Kate Chopin not only describes the intimate affair through her two leading characters in “The Storm” Calixta and…show more content…
Bobinot was the embodiment of serious solicitude as he strove to remove from his own person and his son 's the signs of their tramp over heavy roads and through wet fields. He scraped the mud off Bibi 's bare legs and feet with a stick and carefully removed all traces from his heavy brogans. Then, prepared for the worst-- the meeting with an over-scrupulous housewife, they entered cautiously at the back door." (426) It is in that description Calixta seemed to be a difficult wife for Bibinot. Bibinot has come to notice that perhaps her love or concern for him is not reciprocated with the same intensity in their marriage. In fact having to be in a constant state of anxiety and worry over his wife’s remarks and behavior has lead him to be in a constant state of complacent to always having to appease to Calixta. It is then questionable his wife’s love and passion towards him. "Bobinot 's explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as Calixta felt him to see if he were dry, and seemed to express nothing but satisfaction at their safe return." (426) Their marriage may not have passion but due to circumstances perhaps she was chosen to marry Bobinot and full fill a union without passion, in which she seeks instead through Alcee Laballiere. Calixta does show love for her family
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