The Amendment Of The Bill Of Right : Freedom Of Religion And Freedom

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Civil liberties are individual freedoms which are protected from the government by the Bill of Rights. There were historical backgrounds to guarantee the freedom. Although they are ruled in the Constitution, it is not easy to protect the diversity and individual freedom in the society, and not all conflicts have been settled today. Yet, people are in a process to improve democratic society which is not a finished product, and freedom in all its forms improves itself over time. I am going to explain two major liberties in the First Amendment of the Bill of Right: the freedom of religion and the freedom of the press. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution starts with “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” When this was written, the Framers were conscious about the English system which the Crown was the head of government and the Church of England; in addition, public officials were required to take an oath to support the established church (Magleby, 2015, p. 419). In the colonial period, some people immigrated by religious reasons although other people moved to America because there were many economic opportunities. There was no freedom of religion in Europe until early sixteen century. Through the religious reformation by Protestants and the sectarian conflict between Catholic, the freedom of religion was born. At that era, people who did not believe the Church of England were…
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