The Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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The right to vote for American citizens is the fifteen amendment of the United States constitution. In this amendment, no citizen may be deny to vote base on color or race. For this, many more citizens of the United States are able to vote, even if they are a minority. However, the United States does not have a high turnout rate on elections. As a result, voter participation has an effect on public policies; additionally, Americans do not have a strong ethical duty to vote. Therefore, politicians have the power to change concepts in the government. Nonetheless, Americans do not make voting a larger concern as other citizens from other country to vote.
Americans do not have the best record on participating in voting for elections or public policies. As a result, many public policy are change in the government. In addition, American do not have high political efficacy, which is a “citizens’ feelings of effectiveness in political affairs” (Barbour & Wright, 2015, p. 516). They do not trust their government to change if they would to vote. Thus, many American will not vote as they feel that their vote will not matter in the government. The low level of voter participation causes for policy to be change or renew, in which they citizen may not like, yet as they did not vote to keep in place or the same. Many policies are change to ideas that American do not like in their government. In all, even if the level of participation were to increase, there will still be an outcome of
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