The American Academy Of Ophthalmology

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The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that more than 150 million individuals within the U.S. wear some kind of corrective eyewear. Various lifestyles, activities and occupations may require an individual to wear a specific type of lens and/or eyewear. Whether an individual wears glasses to correct his or her vision, protect the eyes or to make a fashion statement designer eyeglasses are available to express oneself and fit any lifestyle. Your eyeglasses become part of your identity, which is why the eyeglasses you choose helps to shape the way others perceive you. Designer prescription glasses and sunglasses are available from renowned designers including LizClaiborne, Oakley and X Games Eyewear. Each designer offers various colors, shapes and sizes. The stylish eyeglasses that are available can make you appear fun-loving, conservative, sophisticated, youthful or style-conscious. Eyeglass Designs – Defined Fun-Loving Designer Eyeglasses for Students Students are not restricted to a conservative look and can really express themselves with fun-loving, eye-catching colors and shapes. Bright colors, unusual shapes and larger-sized frames are easily available from numerous designers. The Conservative Look A conservative eyeglass design instills trust and conveys confidence; thus, enhancing your professional image. Characteristics of a Conservative Design Designer Glasses Frames Three-piece mountings, rimless, stainless steel and titanium Shapes
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