The American Animation Industry and Walt Disney Essay

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Walt Disney’s company was one of the biggest contributors out of the other big animation corporations to the American animation industry and culture as well to the support effort for the allies of WWII by providing the government with animated propaganda and Ignisia. Animation played a major role for the advancement of motion film in 1900’s. Before motion picture camera, frame by frame photographs were used to understand animal and human movement. Eventually a series of famous cartoons would be created which would lead to the expansion of animation studios in New York and California. One famous animation studio that opened up was Walt Disney, which would eventually dominate animation for many years. Disney animation brought many…show more content…
After several years of these Alice shorts, or comedies, Walt went into making only fully animated films, featuring the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This event in Walt's life would teach him to make the rights to everything he made when he discovered that his distributer in New york, Charles Mintz. Mintz had hired many of Disney’s animators to his own company behind Walts back. He also found out that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was owned by Mintz according to the contract. So Instead of giving in to Mintz by working for him and allowing him to own all of Disney’s creations, Walt refused and went along with Iwerks and Roy to create a new character and decided to move their studio on Hyperion Avenue property in Hollywood. The new location of the their studio would allow them to expand their materials in their studio and create a larger workplace to allow more employees to work in there. A new cartoon character that would become a recognizable symbol of Disney would be the famous Mickey Mouse which who would be have his own show and be featured in many famous cartoons. It took Garcia 3 a third short to finally sell due to the past shorts that did not have sound. Including synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie opened to rave reviews at the Colony Theater in New York November 18, 1928. Mickey Mouse became a very popular show and so more cartoons were to follow. Walt produced a new series to go along with the Mickey Mouse show called the Silly Symphonies.
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