The American Association Of Nurse Practitioners

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The largest independent membership organization available exclusively to NPs is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Besides being a full-service national organization, it also certifies NPs nationally. The AANP represents all NP specialties and advocates for high-quality healthcare services for patients and their right to obtain such services from their provider of choice. One of the most significant functions of the AANP is its involvement in advocacy and government affairs. Over thirty laws benefiting NPs and their patients were passed with the support of the AANP over the last two years. The AANP has a dedicated federal staff that works with national policy stakeholders, regulators, members of Congress, and federal agencies to enact laws ranging from admitting privileges and appropriations to prescriptive authority. (AANP, 2015a). At the local level, there are organizations acting on a smaller but more personalized scale by providing opportunities for relationship-building among colleagues. For instance, the South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses (SFCAPN) is a local assembly of NPs that through collegial relationships provide mutual support, share updates on clinical knowledge, and provide networking opportunities for its members. (SFCAPN, 2015). Core Competencies and Certification Requirements The curriculum for nurses in advance practice requires that every APRN is academically prepared by adhering to the seven core competencies
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