The American Auto Industry : The United States

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The American auto industry is one of the largest in the world, with fourteen major auto manufacturers (that produce a combined 55 brands) making the US home, including the big three; General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. In 2010, the automotive industry was America’s top exporter, generating over $100 billion in exports and producing nearly 8 million automobiles. Auto manufacturing is leading in innovation and technology with auto companies, occupying 8 positions of the world’s top 25 spenders list for research and development. We now have driverless cars, Connected and Smart Cars that offer internet connectivity, can alert you if there are any problems with your vehicle, and speak to other cars. With the advancement of technology in the automotive industry, scholars have noted that carmakers are now heading the military and space industries in technological innovations. Congress’ aim was for a third of the military’s combat fleet to consist of autonomous vehicles by 2015, The New York Times reports the U.S. armed forces is lagging behind today’s auto manufacturers. Even with all of the successes and advancements of the automotive industry, there are still very real environmental challenges that plague them; such as global competition in the industry, new technology for powering the product that this industry produces, the effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions and consumer opinions about the product the
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