The American Biker Culture : How Has It Changed Over The Years?

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The American Biker Culture The term “biker”” is anyone who rides a motorcycle, but for most Americans the term suggests tattooed, leather clad, barroom brawling, criminals” (Quinn & Forsyth, 2010, p. 237). The image that non-riders have refers to the “Outlaw biker” (also call the one percenters) and makes up only one percent of the culture (Quinn & Forsyth, 2010, p. 238). This paper will bring forth the other ninety-nine percent of the culture to give the public a look at the image from a different perspective. The research questions were: What is the culture of the American biker, how has it changed over the years and what influenced those changes? It starts from its early beginnings in the 1940’s with returning World War II veterans, who were looking for something other than the domestic expectations of the dominant society (Austin, Gagne, & Orend, 2010, p. 946) through the “non-outlaw recreational touring” (Austin, Gagne, & Orend, 2010, p. 943) biker culture of today. Influences, such as how the American biker culture has been exaggerated by the media and hyped by the movies to portray an image of thug like and dangerous. Then showing how the manufacturing side, with commodification and branding, created an alluring image of that culture which continues to evolve even today. This author’s methodology is a review of literature from scholarly journal articles and on-line sources about the biker culture. Review of Literature The American biker culture is an evolution from

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