The American Cities During The Colonial Era

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Large amounts of people came from all over the world to the American cities during the colonial era. One of the main reasons why people migrated was because they were seeking religious freedom and better economic opportunity. In the American cities, there were more resources available to the people such as information that could be easily accessed, better paying jobs, high quality food supply, and transportation was provided and sometimes since the factories were located within the cities you didn’t require a car like you would in the rural areas. In the beginning of America’s industrial revolution, factories needed skilled workers. Most of the immigrants settled in New York, Chicago, and other places that contained their own people. Within these ethnic communities they tried to maintain their cultural customs from the country they were originally from. They could speak their own language, practice their religion, and continue traditions. Jews fled from Russia to prevent from getting prosecuted in their homeland. The British immigrants were the people who occupied these skills due to working in Britain in factories for such small amounts of pay. Europeans were having a hard time finding jobs at home, so they were not leaving Europe because they desired to, but because they had to in order to survive. Hundreds of people were suffering from hunger in their homeland and America was the way out of that distress. These immigrants had no skills, unfortunately, although they were
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