The American Civil Liberties Union

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without consequences. This practice is corrupt and police officers who act in these ways should be reprimanded and potentially fired for these actions. Some officers go beyond the law in ways they should be incarcerated as well. America’s governmental practice of excluding these police officers is only promoting these behaviors, and a stop should be put to them. By implementing stricter consequences, officers would be more conscious in their actions but now, it affects them as well. Another strong bias displayed in the judicial system is the obvious bias in criminal sentencing in the court. Many studies support the conclusion that people of color are sentenced longer in prison for the same crime as a white person (McElrath, Tran, and…show more content…
The problem usually with wrongful convictions is impulsivity. The fact that the person on trial is a person of color drastically improves the chances of being convicted without going through all motives of an investigation, which obviously are given to white people because of their lower chance of getting convicted wrongly. This is a prominent bias, that a person of color is always guilty of their crime. These findings show that people of color and white people are not being treated the same in the eyes of the law. How is it possible to feel safe with all of these findings stacked up against you? It just isn 't feasible. Kenneth Rouse still remains on death row to this day. Some possible solutions to this is simply more diversity in the judicial bench. America needs to have a criminal justice system that represents the diversity of America. When people think of America, they think of the many faces that occupy our country. Unfortunately, this is only embraced by some. It is impossible for someone to completely understand all circumstances of someone 's situation without first experiencing similar or the same realities. A white person simply does not know what it is like to be a black person in society. This goes along with the concept of privilege, something everyone has in different amounts, and something in which few people will acknowledge. This goes along with gender, and sexuality. A center for American
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