The American Civil Rights Movement

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Has someone ever told you that you were not allowed to do something that others had the right to? Maybe it was your parents, your boss, the government, but you thought you had just enough right as anyone else did? Well, during the 1960’s not everyone had the same rights. During the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans were fighting for equality. They didn’t want “separate but equal” they wanted full equality for their people. This caused many riots throughout the US. When we look at riots we tend to think violence, although most riots were violent, not all were. One Civil Rights Movement leader imparticular, Martin Luther King Jr., was for peaceful riots. He wanted the people to hear what he had to say during his speeches, and to stop the violence. However, there was another Civil Rights Movement leader, Malcolm X, who was more about violence and hatred. Both activists were fighting for the same cause but were for different perspectives. One question that many might have is which view was most influential during the Civil Rights Movement? I believe that not only is nonviolence morally right, but also it helped African Americans get their point across, where as violence was unjust and helping neither the black or white population. Martin Luther King Jr., was the most influential leader of nonviolence during the civil rights movement. He first became well known when he organized the protest against bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama. In this time, if a white person

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