The American Civil War And The Vietnam War

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“Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.” - Sir Winston Churchill. Throughout history, men have fought battles to protect and serve for their country. Some men become injured at war and others don 't get to live on to tell their stories. We are all thankful of those who are able to live on and tell their stories to the common people about their experiences. Two intriguing Wars are the American Civil War and the Vietnam War. They both deal with the long challenging fights between the North and the South regions within each country. The Civil War and the Vietnam War were never declared wars but still managed to divide nations and families. During these wars, many people died defending their land. Two very different war veterans are truly remarkable for the duties they have performed. Robert Edward Lee; the general in chief of the Civil war, and Gary James Walker; a veteran of the Vietnam War have interesting stories from their active military days. The American Civil war was fought between the Southern and the Northern States during 1861 and 1865. The war was between seven southern slave states, known as the Confederate States of America, and the states from the North
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