The American Civil War By Robert G. Tanner

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When one thinks about the American Civil War that waged from 1861-1864, the question at hand begs to be asked: what could the Confederacy have done to win the war? Ideally, according to Robert G. Tanner in his book Retreat to Victory? the idea that the south might have won the war had it used a different strategy might be impossible to answer. That being said, Tanner argues that amongst many theories that have developed over what the Confederacy could have done to win the Civil War, the strategy commonly referred to as Fabian would not be a prosperous endeavor by the Confederacy due to the southern geography, people and most importantly through the Confederacy’s generals. The ideas presented in Tanner’s book deserve recognition on the basis that the author’s thesis is addressing a hypothetical supposition. However, the thesis here is unconventional, as Tanner doesn’t introduce any innovative ideas, rather Tanner asserts how other historians’ bases are false. That being said, Tanner submits that something known as a Fabian strategy cannot be attributed to how the Confederacy might have won the war because of how this strategy exhausted popular support for the war between both common folk as well as with the Confederate troops. In addition, Tanner supplements this by describing how the geography of the south shows how a plan such as this would have left little hope that the Confederacy would have succeeded in dragging the war onward to the point of near desperation by the

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