The American Civil War

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The divide of the social divide that developed on the opposite ends of the Mason-Dixon Line came from over centuries of development. The culture that ended in the two waring ends of the United States began as a nearly identical one. Over the growth of a new nation the two regions divided along strict moral, political, and economic lines that came to a head in what is known as the American Civil War. What really led this nation to divide so drastically from its coming together to fight off an imperial rule and form democratic state though? While many place the blame on the ‘evil’ South and their acceptance of owning human people but this entirely discounts the racism and xenophobia of the North at the time. Like most things, the victor gets…show more content…
This was a huge market and kept a lot of people in favor of slavery. Insurance for slaves was another part of the Northern connection with many banks being a part of the New York economy. Even the manufacturing that decreased the need for slaves made the clothing sold to the Southern farms and plantations for their slaves. The North needed the slave market as much as those who owned them.
While the debate of the morality of slavery was an issue that plagued Congress and the citizens of the States since the inception of the United States, the moral call to action against slavery really began as way to get white people jobs that were directly competing with slaves. In the early to mid-19th century, there was a large migration of Europeans from countries such as Ireland, England, Germany, and more. The majority of these people came to the Northern region in search of work which was mostly manufacturing and factory work. This work was dirty, dangerous, and time consuming with very little pay. The immigrants were looked as lesser people the same way as slaves with many questioning if the Irish were even white. Because of this sort of dispute, the search for decent wages became particularly hard as freed men and slaves lowered the overall wages the immigrants could receive. The competition for the lower class people to find work when slaves were easily accessible became a division in its own right.
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