The American Civil War: March By Sherman

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Plan of Investigation: How did Sherman’s march to the sea during the American Civil War influence the tactic of Blitzkrieg used by the Germans during World War II? To conduct this research, I am going to look into the march by Sherman and the tactic of Blitzkrieg. By consulting books that outline the tactics used in both events, I will be able to draw connections between the two and, also, be able to contrast the two. In studying the tactics, I will look at the troop size, the speed of the attack, and how the attacks took place. In addition, similarities and differences will be pointed out in the Analysis section. In stating the similarities and differences, I will be able to uncover connections and will be able to draw a conclusion on whether Blitzkrieg was influenced by Sherman’s March to the Sea. Word count: 140 words Summary of Evidence: In the bloodiest war in American History, there is a march that is equally as bloody, General William T. Sherman’s march to the sea. This march occurred from November 15, 1864 to December 21, 1864 and was one that wrought havoc and destruction. The only things spared in the path of destruction, created by Sherman, were churches, courts, and private residences. Overall, the objective of this march was to break the Southern morale. In doing this, Sherman also crippled the South’s industrial economy, as demonstrated by the destruction of the railroad system. In this 62 day campaign, the 62,000 soldiers lived off the land and literally

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