The American Civil War : The United States

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The American civil war has been butchered up in many history books, leaving the average American citizen to believe that white American men fought to end slavery. Although slavery did have a bit of influence on the war, it was not the reason the United States went to war. Also white men weren’t the only ones who fought in the war, many black men enlisted and were given awards for their bravery. Through trial and error abolition of slavery became the latent reason for the Civil War. When Lincoln was elected into the office, the South realized that slavery was coming to an end. Many southern States feared the economic drop, this led the southern states to secede from the Union. The very first state to secede was South Carolina in 1860, followed by many other states. There was a lot of confusion in the North over why the Southern States had seceded before Lincoln had even gotten to Washington. Yet in the South there already was an agreement that they would remain an independent country who depended on slavery in their economy. Since the Southern states fought for their own independence from the Union, the Union fought to restore its self. In April of 1861 American forces refused to leave fort Sumter in South Carolina, thus starting the Civil War. In the beginning of the war neither side allowed African American soldiers. The southern confederates kept using African Americans as slaves on their plantations making supplies for their army. Similarly in the North, African

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