The American Civil War Was Inevitable

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"A house divided against itself cannot stand" were the words of Abraham Lincoln in a republican convention on June 17,1858 in Illinois. The inevitable debate over slavery, popular sovereignty, the publishing of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Lincoln's election would eventually have brothers versus brothers fighting each other in a bloody war. Religion, economics and the lost of power made the civil war an inevitable one. Popular sovereignty is the ideal that people could choose their laws such ideal Lewis Cass first brought up. This ideal had many forms but it usually means it has some form of popular consent, which is why republican fits its definition. It was created to help established an agreement among states over slavery in which they…show more content…
President James Buchanan and pro-slavery forces tried to enforce this constitution through Congress for acceptance, but Congress send it back for Kansas voters to vote upon but the voters rejected the Constitution therefore Kansas became a free state. John Brown was an abolitionist that led an anti-slavery violent group. He led a group of seventeenth on October 16,1859 and tried starting a slave uprising but failed after capturing several buildings he was hung and the rest of his men if not captured then killed. After his dead someone in the southern newspaper said "To hang a fanatic is to make a martyr of him and fledge another brood of the same sort" (pg.501) This called abolitionist attention and build of anger. The Dred Scott Case build even more tension between the north and south when a slave tried to sue for his freedom after his owner died claiming he had been moved to a free state and then back to a slave state. He was denied his freedom and remained a slave. The fugitive slave act caused a great commotion since it was a law that fine any reliable official who didn't arrest run-away slaves. This increased underground railroad activity and slaves who fled to Canada. Overall those events caused a great deal of tension between the northern states and southern states. The book Uncle Tom's Cabin was written by Harriet
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