Essay on The American Civil War Was Inevitable

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The Civil War: one of the most pivotal and significant moments in the history of the United States of America. The dividing of a newly birthed nation upon itself - the turmoil created threatened to collapse a unified yearning for independence. A nation once united by the solace of solidarity, once tread on by the tyranny of a motherland, once triumphant in a fight for freedom, became segregated by principle. Power and greed fueled a dichotomy between color and people which repercussions' lingered in the air of America for the better part of two centuries, and quite possibly more to come. The civil war has left its mark on American society, and its damage is still crippling a social zeitgeist that has the potential to flourish in harmonic…show more content…
The ethical premise, however, wasn't enough to rid the terrors of its very institution in the United States; it was a practice that had been engrained into American culture, stretching back beyond the first colonies and into our pre-colonial European roots. African slavery existed within its own continent and countries long before European interference. It wasn't until the mid-fifteenth century that the Portuguese sailed the Eastern Africa coast in search of a trade route to the East that they inherited an alternative discovery. The Portugal trade with Africans along the coast led to colonization and eventual trade of African slaves. This was the eventual segue of slaves into extend European culture (p.39-40 Roark). Slaves reached the New World in the early sixteenth century in Caribbean region discovered by Christopher Columbus, most imported from Europe, while some came directly from Africa (par. 1 Etlis). By the time African slaves made their way to the Jamestown settlement in 1619, African slavery had already been a large part of European and New World culture for well over a century. Slaves had been imported to help work on the production of America's first founded cash crop: tobacco (Slavery in America). From the tips of American roots, we see the reliance of slavery to aid with work. This European practice that
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