The American Collegiate System

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Right now in the American collegiate system, we are experiencing serious problems in the rate of graduation between students in higher and lower income quartiles. The purpose of Tough’s article is to not only present this issue to a larger audience, but to show that there are practical solutions colleges could be taking to narrow this gap. Tough is writing specifically regarding Texas A&M because through David Laude and David Yeager’s Tip program they are having stunning success in evening out the playing field for less advantaged students. This essay is important because to solve this issue on a larger scale it is imperative that people become aware of it, and understand that there are steps we can take to reverse it. This essay was…show more content…
Another example of this is when Tough introduces Laude and Yeager, Tough uses them as transitional points in the text, but also he uses their work as potential solutions to the problem he is presenting.
This style of transition would be fine if executed correctly. However, the way in which Tough organized these transitions pulls the reader back and forth between different subjects, at times losing the focus of the article, and making it easy for the reader to get lost within the text.
Another problem readers may face is the style of Tough’s writing, mainly due to his tendency to ramble, and his disposition for redundancy. [example] Tough did a great job at supporting his argument with the statistics he presented. However, often times the statistics but this unnecessary information took away the conciseness of the article, and causes his main points to have less of an impact then they could have. One potential area that could pose big problems for someone reading this is overall length of this article. Length is not generally an issue because readers tend to develop their own strategies when dealing with a long read, either by reading in chunks, or reading it all in one go, readers still have the capacity to finish what they are assigned. However, the redundancy of the text, makes this
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