The American Colonies Military Struggles with European Nations

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The causes and outcomes of the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812 are all significant links in the chronological chain of history that has led us to the creation of the United States of America. If any of these linked events were not to have occurred or had a different outcome, the United States very well would not exist or would still be a group of European colonies.
Lasting from 1756 until 1763, The French and Indian War was mainly a proxy war fought between the American Colonies acting as proxies for Great Britain, versus an alliance made between France and Native American tribes. It was also a part of the larger Seven Years War between Great Britain and France, and was the culmination of the second Hundred Years War between France and Great Britain over colonial supremacy. The French and Indian War began because Britain and France both had laid claim of rights to the Ohio River valley. After intense fighting between the French and American colonies, Native American tribes, and Great Britain, the war resulted in France losing all of its colonies in America and Great Britain laying claim to the area that has become known as Florida and to the French territory that was east of the Mississippi, while the French land of Louisiana was taken over by Spain. This transfer of land ownership drastically changed the power balance between the European countries in America, with the British victory becoming completely dominant over the North American
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