The American Colonists' War for Freedom Essay

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The years of 1763-1765 were truly defining moments for colonist of the colonies, soon to become the United States of America. ‘’War! War! This is the only way!” American Colonist shouted,as they took to the streets proclaiming defiance of British rule. “We as a people shall fight for our freedom and have victory.No more shall we continue to let others control our countries and give our money to a monarch who has no concern for our right’s, dedication that was put forth to help fight and respect us as loyal subjects.We must fight for our freedom!” When American colonist waged war it proved to be the only way for the colonies to become free from Britian. In turn, the colonist were justified in breaking away from England because of: The…show more content…
Second theTownsend Act gave the British the right to tax the colonies. This was truly unfair as it states in document 2 by John Dickenson a letter from a farmer in Pennsylvania “the Townsend Acts, were placed not for regulation of but, for the single purpose of leving money upon us. “ Colonist did not want to live under such strict leadership as though they were still in England.Colonist had come such a long way to start a new life only to be put under total monarchy by a country that did not represent them well.

Third freedom was what the colonist longed for. The Colonist help fight the seven year war and was under the impression that they were helping a country who had there back, only to find that the country was against their growth as a nation. As it is stated in document 4 the journal of Nicholas Cresswell 1774-1777, “The New Englanders by their canting,whining,insinuating tricks have persuaded the rest of the colonies that the government was going to make absolute slaves out of them.” The colonist had no other choice but to go to war and fight for their freedom.

In summary the Colonist were a very strong group of people ready for a new life and the freedom to discover a new world innew territories made availabel to them through the battle and defeat of the French and
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