The American Company Called Amazon

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1) Introduction In order to carry out this research, I have chosen the American company called Amazon. It is a well-known, web-based international retailer which is based in Seattle, Washington. 2) Product Description Amazon started out as a simple web auctions based service in kind to eBay, but failed to cut into the market share. The company then became a marketplace for fixed price goods much like an online retail website with a small collection of goods for sale. Over time it started to develop its product line and range by supplying DVDs, CDs, software, apparel, beauty products, groceries, health care products, kitchen supplies, jewelry, musical instruments and other items (Mudambi and Schuff, 2010). The website was able to provide an online platform to these products. As the company matured, it expanded its retail services and then also developed delivery services of its products to people’s doorsteps at the prescribed time. Demand and Future Outlook The basic nature of the demand curve will always be negatively sloped as people would be willing to demand less at higher prices and higher at lower prices. The factors which can affect the demand curve and cause it to shift for Amazon will include number of buyers. As buyers in the market increase, the curve will shift outwards as more people will be willing to buy at the same price. As the income of the people also rises, they would be able to afford more products from Amazon so they will buy them shifting the demand
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