The American Constitution : Madison 's Refusal

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The American Constitution: Madison’s Refusal On April 18, 1996, Baylor University hosted the annual campus-wide celebration of Diadeloso. This celebration, however was different, because this was the first permitted time in 151 years that dancing was to be on Baylor’s campus. When Baylor first opened in 1845, dancing was a moral wrong, according to Baptist teachings. However, as time went on, things changed and eventually there was no longer a ban on dancing. Biblical law itself was untouched, but the human understanding of it was shifted, and that is when the dancing ban was lifted. Thomas Jefferson argued similarly this idea to James Madison. While both Jefferson and Madison had excellent points, Madison’s rebuttal addresses Jefferson’s concerns and assesses why a constantly revised constitution would not be effective. Indeed, this essay affirms Madison’s position that the constitution should not undergo review. Jefferson wrote Madison a letter while visiting France in 1789. The United States was still new, not quite old enough to have a span of generations. While there is no “ideal generation” of everyone born on the same date, Jefferson states that there is a substantial shift every 19 years in generations. Jefferson writes Madison about how at the beginning of the century, King Louis XIV of France or King Louis XV could have buried their country in debt. Had that been the case, all of France would have belonged to Genoa. However, with every new generation, every 19
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