The American Counseling Association Code Of Ethics

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This paper is a response to a video discussing the issues of confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn. This paper looks at these issues and their explanations in the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics as well as the Georgia State Board of Professional Counselor’s ethical guidelines and provides a commentary on the laws. It was found that these issues are not always black and white, but there is some debate on these issues. Confidentiality is both an ethical and a legal responsibility yet there are often times when the ethical demands clash with the legal demands. This paper explores some of those crashes and explains what I have learned from the video and the professional and stage guidelines concerning confidentiality and its implications and how I will apply what I have learned into future practice.

The video was a series of one-act plays where the characters were an appellate court judge, her clerk, and her niece who is a journalist. The conversations between the three discussed the issues of confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn in a legal context. The scenes centered on the judge and her clerk trying to resolve the legal ramifications of potentially ethical violations relating to confidentiality. To bring a real-world perspective, the judge’s niece who is a journalist stops by and engages in the conversation from a layperson mentality.
The video centers on the idea of confidentiality. The
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