The American Counseling Association Is The Resource That Can Help Your Development As A Future Counselor

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Did you ever wake up and think how can I live up to the expectations of a licensed counselor? I know I do – everyday. Where are the resources that can guide me in the right directions when I am faced with a situation while practicing? The American Counseling Association is the resource that can provide me with tools that can facilitate my development as a future counselor. After I get my LCPC in the state of Maryland, I want to counsel children and adolescents with severe psychological trauma. The ACA website has an entire section on ‘trauma and disaster’ for children through adolescents. The American Counseling Association’s fact sheets provides various symptoms for children and adolescents that are experiencing trauma. According to the American Counseling Association’s Traumatology Interest Network and facilitator, Karin Jordan (2015) children exhibit different trauma related symptoms at different periods in their lives (ACA et al., 2015). While I am providing therapy as a new LCPC, my client may not explicitly say that they have undergone some sort of trauma, but may unknowingly talk about their symptoms. It will then be my responsibility to consult a colleague, or in this case, the ACA to better serve my client’s needs. I will study the specified age group symptoms, while comparing the symptoms of my client and continue with the diagnosis of trauma (ACA et al., 2015). Another resource that the ACA provides for counselors are self-care strategies (ACA, 2015). It is
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