The American Culture And Values

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Critiquing American Culture and Values: (The Social) Network The emergence of novel forms of communication in American history tends to produce two contrasting reactions: general acceptance from society and moral outrage from a limited, vocal portion of the public. As a medium, film was met in such a fashion with the creation of the Production Code Administration in 1934, designed by Catholic leaders to uphold their conception of American values. At the same time, the example of Middletown depicted a rural community incorporating the experience of film into their regular lives, treating it as entertainment alongside shows at the opera house. Decades later, we see film utilized to criticize the social impact of emerging communicative methods, including television and social media in the form of Network (1976) and The Social Network (2010). A method of universal programing, by which centralized, censored content is broadcast in synchronous to an audience discriminant only by which of the four major networks they choose to view is the portrayal of television afforded by the characters aimed to garner the most sympathy in Network. The voices of reason and morality in the film, older folks seen as untainted by television and corporate greed condemn television for replacing genuine human interaction with hollow facades of conformity and pre-scripted emotions. While concerns over lacking human connection and false human emotions remain, social media has produced a new problem, a…
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