The American Democratic System

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The American democratic system of government has some effective systems, but it also has many flaws. No government is or will ever be perfect. Any country's goal is to minimize as many flaws as possible to maximize the overall success of the country. Even though, the majority of American citizens finds the American government legitimate, the United States is not in the top ten most successful countries.(according to…) The United States is ranked 11th throughout the world, and a few key areas where we lack are our education systems, tax rates, and overall economic status.
According to “the United states is ranked 11th for economic freedom in the world.” Some concerns are the United States health care and education systems, which seem to drive the economy down. One area that could have a great
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Currently the high school graduation rate in the United States is less than 75%. A lower high school graduation rate usually leads to higher unemployment rate and thus, a slower economy . Even though unemployment is going down, those who are fully capable of working and choosing not to work is at 14% and rising. One way that the country could reduce unemployment is if children from the ages 3-5 were required to go to school and begin their education. People may argue that paying for education this young may be a waste of money, however, some of the most critical times for a child to learn is from the ages 3-6 when the brain is developing. If children are being properly taught how important education is, good work ethics, and the knowledge needed to graduate and succeed then graduation rates could increase. The more people further their education the more likely they are to have a job. This will help economic growth by having money moving throughout the economy. If more people are graduating high school that means more will be likely to go on and further their education after high
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