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THE AMERICAN DREAM 2000 WORD ESSAY Nathan Houghton pd 3 The Declaration of Independence grants the pursuit of happiness to all Americans. While at that time it might have been just for rich white men, the American dream has been spread out to all Americans no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, or wealth. The United States is a huge melting pot of different races and ethnicity and if you work hard enough you can become successful. Although that path may not be easy, the outcome will be great. The American Dream means equal opportunity for all Americans and it is indeed still alive. The American dream consists of the ability to come from a foreign country and be able to become a successful business man or woman. In…show more content…
As long as you try your best you will have some success in your life. But if you do not, the dream will not be achievable. As Kevin Bacon once said, “There 's this American dream to put enough away that you can golf and build a birdhouse or just be in a Barcalounger watching football all day. I 'll never be that guy. And I 'm not really sure the people who have that are all that happy. Our desires as a man are to work, plow ahead, and overcome conflict”. What he means when he says this quote is that you can do and become whatever you want in America and nobody can say a thing about it. It is very likely that you or your ancestors came from another country to start a new life or to escape hardships in their country. When people immigrate from one country to another they work an insane amount of hours to try and make it in life in their new home. But if you don’t work hard enough you will not make it and it will be tough to become successful in your life. The American Dream consists of hard work and “elbow grease” as the cliché goes. But it is true and relevant when it comes to this subject. But no matter how much it is used it works and helps people achieve their dreams.Having a partner to help fund you can be very helpful, especially if you need a kick-start if you’re making a new company. Likewise, people will always make excuses for failing because they don’t want to admit that it was themselves who caused them to fail. On the T.V. show “Shark Tank” for example,

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