The American Dream And Its Reality For Minority Americans

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From the settlement of Jamestown and Plymouth colonies to modern times, Americans have always been determined to improve themselves both economically and socially. Even today, we are attempting to make society better by extending marriage rights to homosexuals and arguing the merits of flying the Confederate Battle flag over government buildings in non-historical situations. At the same time, concerns such as the impact of the Greek economic collapse on American business and the long-term cost of the Office of Personnel Management 's data breech impact our belief in the continued economic improvement of our society. Arguments about the truth behind the "American Dream" and its reality for minority Americans leave many wondering and confused about our ability as a society to balance the desire to "do good" socially with our ability to "do well" economically. The same concerns existed for Americans in the early 1800s. Efforts to improve society through the abolition of slavery, the temperance movement, and public health and sanitation were central to American life. But Americans were also concerned with efforts to improve ourselves economically in the construction of new transportation networks, the founding of a national economic infrastructure, the creation of the "American System" combining tariffs on foreign imports with the expenditure of government funds on infrastructure projects, and the improvement of the ways in which we manufactured goods and made our

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