The American Dream By James Truslow Adams

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From the time our Founding Fathers introduced the idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, many individuals are now craving to achieve their idea of the American Dream. The American Dream has changed dramatically over the few centuries. During the Founding Fathers’ time, many believed the American Dream meant freedom, equality, and mutual respect. Time has changed this ideology of the American Dream, which is now seen as owning a million dollar mansion with multiple luxury cars. This isn’t the case for many immigrants who come to the Americas to have a better life for themselves and their family. To many of them, the American Dream is as simple as living in a house and being able to provide their children with an education and…show more content…
After the depression in 1890’s, immigration jumped from as low as 3.5 million during that time to the highest 9 million. As a result of this increase of population, jobs for immigrants were difficult to find, yet they replaced many African-Americans and Native Americans which created tension. Many immigrants during this time were desperate to fulfill the American Dream so they willingly took jobs that paid less than others. In 1912, it was stated that men had earned less than ten dollars a week. The American Dream to many immigrants, as stated above, was to have a job in order to provide a meal enough for their family. In this case, it can be seen that many immigrants during the 1900’s had difficulties trying to maintain their American Dream even if the cost was highly. Those who accepted the jobs would receive a low paying wage but to them this was the American Dream, ten dollars a week.
As for many immigrants,coming to the Americas would help fulfill their idea of the American Dream. Many nowadays see the dream of owning the most expensive house on the block or being able to drive around in a BMW as the American Dream, but do we ever consider or think about what the American Dream is for those who didn’t have the privilege to live in a free country? A fellow immigrant from Boston shared his story of how his life was, being an immigrant and coming to the Americas in order to achieve his American Dream. “In 1965 we
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