The American Dream By James Truslow Adams

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The term “ The American Dream” can be coined to historian James Truslow Adams in the early 1930’s. Adams believed that the true commitment for the American society was based of material success that was obtained by individual competition of the citizens. Furthermore, stating that the American citizens had been conditioned to desire success, with an honest belief that it was possible for one to achieve it. This was possible because the very principles that American society represented, helped each and every citizen believe that they were on the land of opportunity and that it was possible for them to pursue their chosen venture that could reasonably attain their dream of material wealth and status. The American Dream has help to warp the values that Americans has placed on its ideas of success and happiness. An ideal representation of an American family is centralized on monetary successes. Thus, changing the culture to confuse happiness and success with material possessions, obtained through monetary success. Experts has stated that monetary success is open-ended, with no final stopping point, or successful completion. This has helped to shape the culture of greed, and a culture based on debt. Although, it is perceived that everyone is able to pursue their chosen endeavor, it could not be further from the truth. Many, who are unable to obtain monetary success in a legal manner, have turned to illegitimate ways to obtain it. Anomie is described as the disintegration of
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