The American Dream By John Steinbeck

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The American Dream is the ideology that each American believes. In the 1930’s they thought they could obtain anything they wanted if they put in significant effort, hard work, and had motivation. This dream is something that the immigrants from Europe heard of before they came over. They wanted this so bad that they left their home and their families to find their personal American Dream. It didn’t come easy for everyone at first because of the discrimination and prejudice against them. But with their mindsets that this is something they wanted and wouldn’t stop until they reached it, many Americans found their dream. Each person had their unique goal. Some wanted to build a house and live in the country. Others wanted to invent something and become a millionaire. In the novel, each character had their own dream as well.
For example, Lennie and George wanted to have their own farm and live in freedom. Curley’s wife wanted to become a movie star and Candy latches on to Lennie and George’s dream. Each character makes up for the lack of their dream by compensating it with something else. The
American Dream can be extraordinary or simple, depending on whose it is.
The modern day American Dream is far different from the dream in the 1930’s. Today the dream is “the white picket fence” house and family. The ideal lifestyle is to be moderately wealthy and live in a big home with a nice yard in a nice neighborhood. It would have a white picket fence around the yard with a dog and a
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