The American Dream By Lorraine Hansberry

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The concept of the American Dream has always been that everyone wants something in life, no matter if it is wealth, education, financial stability, safety, or a decent standard of living. However, everyone will try to strive to get what they want. The American Dream, is said to be that everyone should try and get what they hope they can get in life. In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” the author Lorraine Hansberry brought to us is about a family where each has an American Dream. The question is will each one of them be able to fulfill that dream? The American Dream, in my interpretation is that people from different culture or places come to the United States to get a better education, job, stability or to have a prosperous life. The similarity In “A Raisin in the Sun” is that the Younger’s family does not want to settle for less. They have a dream like many people that come to the United States have. The, Youngers are an African American family, struggling to get out of poverty. However they want to get out with dignity. Living with the condition they are in which is a tiny house with four people and two rooms is some kind of a struggle that they want to better themselves. As we read the play, the main character is based on Walter. Walter tries to fit in a society that is also mixed with racism. One point of view that the author Lorraine Hansberry manifested is how discrimination, and economic problems can destroy a black man when he is trying to provide for his family.
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