The American Dream By Robert D. Putnam

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“Want to write the script of your own life? Come to America!” This is the best slogan for appealing foreigners to come to the U.S, and it is also the best description of American Dream. However, is this so-called “dream” actually achievable? It has always been a controversial topic for the world. But some immigrants did succeed after they can to America, but others argues that since the time has long passed this American dream is now only a dream. Nevertheless, in my own point of view, the American dream still remains achievable, yet it gets harder than ever given our unstable economy/society, technology advancement and inequality. First of all, even the U.S has now become the most powerful “empire” throughout the world, but economic problems still arises frequently, and the whole economy has actually declined in some aspects. As Robert D. Putnam states in his article “Crumbling American Dreams”, “By 2012 the average worker in Ottawa County had not had a real raise for four decades and, in fact, is now paid roughly 16 percent less in inflation-adjusted dollars than his or her grandfather in the early 1970s.” (Putnam, 2) Furthermore, the inflation and currency devaluation are also significantly preventing people from pursuing their own dreams. However, there is method to avoid and overcome those obstacles, and that is called education. Education has always been the number one thing for most teenagers, and the majority of them also choose to go to universities, and
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